Blog: P2P

What is file sharing?

File sharing is the transfer of files from person to person through downloading and uploading. As long as the file is uploaded online anybody who finds the file is able to access file.

What is P2P file sharing?
P2P file sharing is the sharing of files through uploads and downloads through different users. Instead of downloading from one location users are given access to multiple people. The Bittorrent Effect explains what multiple users are optimal since “broadband users download super fast, but upload very slowly” which creates unequal trade between two people. So by downloading from multiple sources everybody is able to get their desired files within seconds. 

What are some examples of P2P sharing?

The best example of P2p sharing was the former program Napster which allowed people to share their music. For those too young the most familiar form of file sharing at the moment is any torrent download, which has been taken up by many video game down-loaders or programs that need to allow people to download a huge file.


Blog: Next New

A new media technology i would love to see be developed is a complete open source video game/animation engine. Now people may ask don’t people already have access to these things? The simple answer is no. If you ever tried to develop a video game you know that there is no engine available for public use that isn’t going to force you to know the in and outs of coding. What this engine would basically be is the compilation of pre-built objects and terrain that can be tweaked very simply. Right now if you wanted to have a chair in your video game you would have to make the chair from scratch, instead of having a pre-built model that could change the colors and size and be done with it.

Blog: Privacy

If you haven’t been following recent news, Edward Snowden revealed a good amount of information on the government monitoring of new media technology. Which brings up the topic of privacy on new media. New media although meant to be used to express your personal opinions and feelings, is not a place to put information you don’t want to be sharing to the general public.

Recently there has been a case where a  child posting incredibly stupid remarks and a Canadian woman who saw the post reported the statement to authorities. Even though he meant it as a joke since he posted j/k right after which is short hand internet slang for just kidding, he shouldn’t have said it at all. For those interested

The only things you should be posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc… is things you are OK with strangers looking at.

Creativity and New Media

One of my most memorable use of new media was playing the video game Maplestory when i was in middle school/ high school. I eventually joined a group of people known as a group that eventually turned into a mini family online.

Guild Headquarters

A picture one of our guild members drew of another

Haven’t been on the game for a while, but this how i left my characterImage

The guild basically turned into a group that level together and eventually we met each other. It was diverse with people from other states, countries and continents. The cash shop in game allowed us to equip over characters with vanity items that personalized out style. As you can see i am a big fan of pink


The New York Times article Disney Tolerates a Rap Parody of it’s Critters but why? describes how new media has grown and allowed the rehash of old media. The video of Spongebob doing the Souja-boy has over seven million views. New media can create videos from old and new and expose the public to new things. One of the biggest is the growth of Aniboom on YouTube. Personal favorite Aniboom has also lead to the growth of new artist in the form of their indie music being used. 

Modeling Reality With Virtual Worlds

What are different ways these virtual worlds can be used?
The virtual world is a bridge for reality to fantasy and imagination. This has resulted in a wide variety of uses, one such is the Webkinz craze. In the article Toys with a Second Life children have been able to buy physical Webkinz toys that came with a online redeemable code that allowed them to have a virtual pet, as well as the ability to customize them in cloths and accessories. The virtual world also allows for a meeting between members of a group on a virtual level without all the travel.

What are the pros and cons?

The virtual world may provide a place to fulfill fantasy, but it also has the downfall of time wasting  and the inability to be face to face with a person. The article Going to the Virtual Office in Second Life brings up the point on a virtual world people can not see each others personalities and racial features.

How do virtual worlds foster creativity?

Creativity is pushed by the imagination of a individual. The virtual world if able to be manipulated is the extended arm of the imagination. Best shown in the growing popularity of building block video games, ie. Minecraft and Terraria. Recreation of objects and buildings in the real world, as well as the creation of new architecture is huge in these video games. For context

What do you think the future of virtual worlds will look like?

The future of virtual worlds will probably be a copy of the physical world or the virtual world will  be a big blank slate that will be manipulated by anybody.

Social Networking Sites

After visiting four social networking sites which included Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Linkedin, they all have a simple layout that is easily accessible. Facebook and twitter both have status updates, that can keep those who want to know what you are doing updated.  
Myspace is more of a blog that puts up your personal information, anybody wanting to know more about your past will use Myspace more. Linkedin is very similar to Facebook, but is more for the business world to build a network to find a job.